Jim Mishler is a retired Special Education Administrator with 35 years of experience in public education. His educational experience includes working in a residential facility for delinquent teens, teaching at the elementary level, adjunct teaching at the university level  and as an administrator for 20 years. He has authored several articles, and has presented at numerous state, national and international conferences.

Jim is currently a faculty member with the William Glasser Institute for Choice Theory and Reality Therapy where he focuses on training and teaching the concepts of the personal psychology of choice. He has been involved with  Choice Theory and Reality Therapy since 1977 and was among the first in Michigan to embrace these concepts. In May of 2013 Jim was named to the William Glasser Institute-US  Board of Directors as an At Large Member. 

Over his years of experience he has facilitated many different groups including school related,   church and community groups. As a result of his experience in facilitation  he has become affiliated with Agora's for the 21st Century which is dedicated to promoting democratic dialogue. The primary vehicle for this promotion is a piece of software known as Cogniscope II developed by Dr. Alexander Christakis and others. This software enhances the decision making process by promoting deeper understanding and clarity of the ideas presented by all participants. In accomplishing its goal the Guided Dialogue Process promotes dialogue with civility and respects for all of those participating.

In 2008 Jim founded Woodview Learning Strategists LLC with the goal of helping individuals and organizations build "internal capacity". Translated, building internal capacity means to help individuals and organizations develop the structures needed to be effective and successful.