Special Education Management Service

After 35 years in education with over 20 of those years spent in administrative capacities I have acquired a wealth of experiences that can  be of help and assistance to a school district.  In particular I have assisted many school districts in addressing special education compliance issues from both the state and federal points of view.  Compliance can cover everything from simply following the rules to developing programs that properly service special education students.


It almost seems incongruent that Choice Theory and Guided Dialogue would share the same web site as  Special Education Compliance. However, it is the principles found in both Choice Theory and Guided Dialogue that allow me to successfully guide districts into compliance.


At its most basic level compliance is about doing what is required, in doing so you (your school district) build the foundations of trust with parents and other professionals.  So it is about building relationships and strengthening those relationships.


To be a compliant organization you must look inside to see what the organization is doing that both helps and hurts and find solutions to replace the hurting organizational behaviors.  Once solutions are identified then strategic planning can take place to change the culture and build effective structures.


In the end there is nothing incongruent between Compliance, CT and GDD.  Working in special education management is part of the WLS mission of "helping individuals and organizations build internal capacity" or solve their own problems. Applying the principles of CT and GDD can strengthen many aspects of a school district's special education programming.